Intellectual Property

Trademark/copyright registration; trademark/copyright license agreements; sports licensing agreements; trademark/copyright clearance and protection; trade secret protection; technology license agreements; trademark copyright enforcement including cease and desist letters; responding to trademark/copyright/patent claims; trade secret issues; joint venture/partnership agreements; strategic alliances; co-production/finance agreements; website licenses; computer software development and license agreements; merchandise across all product lines (toys, videogames, software, publishing, apparel, etc).

Computer and Video Game

Publishing agreements, development agreements, distribution agreements, first party agreements, video game licenses, technology licenses, and other game related agreements; content licenses; trademark/copyright clearance.


Entertainment contracts including motion picture, television, video and computer game agreements; merchandise license agreements; talent agreements. 

Marketing and Advertising

Advertising, Marketing and Consultant Services Agreements for new media, television, and motion pictures, Commercial Tie-In Agreements, and Worldwide Promotions (sweepstakes, contests, internet, live shows/tours, character appearances, parades, premiums, give-aways, and on-pack/in-pack). Home entertainment distribution agreements.  Clearance and acquisition of rights for use in above categories


Music license agreements, including master use, publishing and synchronization agreements; representation of artists.    


Formation of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships; partnership agreements; shareholder and buy-sell agreements; mergers and acquisitions; regulatory compliance and licensing for new companies; corporate maintenance; advising directors and officers; . 


Employment agreements; employee manuals; advising companies re compliance with employment-related laws; sexual harassment complaints and investigations;  


Loan and other finance agreements

Real Estate

Leases; purchase and sale agreements; contractor agreements. 


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