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Entertainment, Video Game & Media Law

Decades of entertainment contract expertise

For major Hollywood movie and television studios, production companies, actors, authors, musicians, and athletes, we handle all aspects of entertainment law. This includes contracts, deals, and general counseling.


Seaton Law Group has extensive experience in:

Film, Television, Internet & Media

We handle all aspects of production legal on films, TV shows, videos, and online broadcasts. This includes drafting and negotiating life story rights and talent agreements for creators and production companies. We also counsel producers on SAG, WGA and DGA signatory applications.

Video & Computer Games/Esports

We work in licensing, publishing, development and distribution agreements, as well as all other aspects of video game and Esports law.

Book Publishing

We help authors option, license, and sell their works to studios and producers for use in movies, television, online, and other entertainment properties.


Seaton Law Group structures deals so that film, television, and media artists can gain exposure while growing their entertainment credits.

Sports & Sports Marketing

We serve as primary legal counsel and handle professional athletic, sports marketing, agency and management, sponsorship and endorsement deals for athletes (NBA, NFL, MLB and others).


Seaton Law Group negotiates recording and other music deals and contracts for artists, producers and record labels, and event production for venues and concert promoters.

Digital & Social Media

Seaton Law Group reviews and negotiates agreements for social media influencers and other artists to license and distribute their brands and properties. We also advise digital and social media companies on intellectual property rights and contracts.

Toys & Games

We assist with structuring and negotiating contracts and toy deals, intellectual property rights, and consumer safety issues for manufacturers and retailers. 

Merchandise Licensing 

Seaton Law Group handles licensing-out and licensing-in brands and other content for use in manufacturing and distribution of licensed merchandise.   


We protect intellectual property rights and assist with manufacturing, licensing and distribution deals for clothing and apparel companies.

Comic Books

Seaton Law Group works in licensing, publishing deals, and intellectual property rights for comic book writers, artists, authors, and publishers.

Food, Beverage & Spirits

We advise these companies on their intellectual property rights, and negotiate contracts and franchise agreements for restaurants, food and supplement manufacturers and distributors, wine and spirits distillers and distributors, wineries, and restaurant franchisors and franchisees.  

He Understands
We needed a versatile attorney

“I have had the privilege of working with Barry on over 100 contracts. We needed a versatile attorney who understood product development, intellectual property rights, publishing and risk management. This was a very complex job that required flexibility and sound judgment. The cookie cutter approach would not have worked in this dynamic, ever changing environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Barry to any company involved in any aspect of the entertainment or games business.”

Mark Burke

VP, Alliance Metaversal Studios
Former SVP Worldwide Production & Business Development, Crave Entertainment Group